About Me

Violinist, Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Hiroko! I’m a professional violinist and nutritionist, currently living in Germany. Together with my husband, I’m on a ketogenic diet since January 2019 and ever since, I feel so energetic, keener in mind, and so young as ever! As I was fascinated by this diet, I started to study nutrition. I wanted to know how the body function, and why this diet gives the body such a big impact. I am now successfully certificated as a nutritionist (Ernährungsberaterin) in Germany. Gradually I started to create recipes, not just because I realised that everyone need the recipe more than the theory to practice it in their daily life, but also because I still wanted to be able to enjoy the meals with our family and friends. In these days, everyone has some food intolerance or allergies, it has become very complicated to share every food together.  I wanted to create recipes that everyone can eat, nourish them, and get them excited. Now it has become my passion to create healthy and delicious keto recipes, which are also gluten-free, and partly dairy-free. Through this way, I would love to share them with you too, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!